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Share Your 360 Adventures: FREE 360 Video Hosting Service

images360Heros recently launched a FREE video hosting service with the goal of promoting our customer’s work. Video.360rize.com offers production teams, independent artists, and 360 video hobbyists the opportunity to showcase their projects on our new page free imgresof charge. This page is designed to serve as a virtual gallery for our customers and the awesome 360-degree adventures they capture across the globe.

Our hosting service can be accessed from the “videos” tab on the 360rize.com homepage, independently via its own URL or with a mobile device. This service is free to all users and presents itself as an opportunity to share your work with the world.

Interface for the 360Heros 360 Video Viewer iPhone and iPad app
Interface for the 360Heros 360 Video Viewer iPhone and iPad app

Joining the producer community is easy; as you simply need to click the “sign up” button on the video.360heros.com page to upload content. Mobile users can view their 360 videos as well as projects from other users by downloading the 360Heros Video Viewer app from the iTunes store or the Google play store.

The Video Viewer app is an excellent tool from the perspective of producers as it can be utilized to present content. Out of the thousands of videos uploaded via the app, you can select your favorites for viewing in offline mode. This is perfect for showcasing your work at trade shows or presenting it to potential clients.

The app’s potential for sharing content and raising brand awareness is also powerful as it has already received over 4,000 downloads. This growing audience receives a notification for every new project that you share as soon as it is uploaded.

Snippet from the virtual map on the video.360heros.com page
Snippet from the virtual map on the video.360heros.com page

In terms of what users see when you upload a video, the app’s interface gives you the opportunity to provide a detailed description of your organization and your work. With each video, you can display the camera utilized to film it, its title, your organization’s name and a description of the project itself.

Both the video hosting site and the mobile app allow users to geotag the location of their video productions on the virtual map, making it possible for users to track your 360 video production all over the world. Simply click one of the tags on the map to view the 360 videos that have been shot in a particular location. Our player also includes exact drive-to directions to the site of each project, giving viewers the capability to experience locations both virtually and physically.

While this service is designed to create maximum exposure for customers, producers have the option to password protect their videos for targeted sharing. This makes it possible to share content exclusively with a particular niche or to make it accessible to the community as a whole.

With such a large influx of 360 videos currently being produced, this site will serve as a way to bring the spherical video community together and to promote the work of our customers and partners. Check out the page now to browse videos or share your own projects and stay tuned for news regarding the development of this new integrated service.

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