Crossing Borders: A 360-Degree Musical Journey

The video for musical group Booka Shade‘s latest single “Crossing Borders” pushes the boundaries of multimedia production. Filmed using 360-degree video technology from 360Heros, the video offers viewers an immersive experience that seamlessly gels visual and audio elements.

This project was a collaboration between production teams from Pier Pictures and Riff Raff Films. The video merges Booka Shade’s track with a 360-degree aerial perspective of California’s diverse landscape. Throughout the course of the video viewers are taken on a journey over snowy mountains,  barren deserts and sandy ocean shores. This unique perspective was attained by utilizing a 360Heros Plug-N-Play H3PRO7 holder mounted on one of Octofilms’ hexacopter drones.

Image of Hexacopter with 360Heros mount courtesy of Pier Pictures
Image of Hexacopter with 360Heros mount courtesy of Pier Pictures

While the copter mount system allowed the team to gather footage that would otherwise be inaccessible, this perspective wasn’t achieved without overcoming unique challenges. High winds, various forms of precipitation and varied temperatures required expert piloting from the copter team as well as careful decision making in terms of when and where to film. A behind the scenes video depicts these challenges as the film crew traveled throughout California and battled various elements.

This footage shows the team interacting with the technology and enjoying the freedom and creativity that the 360Heros mount facilitates. The panaramic scenes this camera rig produced makes it possible for viewers to look down on tree tops, jagged rock formations and river valleys.

Hexacopter over Norther California
Hexacopter over Norther California courtesy of Pier Pictures

“Crossing Borders” serves as an example of the awesome possibilities that 360 video presents for the music industry. New angles, spherical perspectives and a more cohesive presentation are all elements this technology brings to the table. Thanks to the forward thinking of this group and their production team,  this project emulates Booka Shade’s message as it crosses the border between music and 360-degree video.

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