360Heros® Announces Release of 360CamMan™ Software

Difficult 360 Video Production Workflow is Solved with 360CamMan Software.

Everyone is loving 360 Video with the GoPro video gear.  However trying to manage the video files of 6 to 14 GoPro cameras has become a HUGE challenge until now!  360CamMan takes all the headache away from managing all those video files for you!   For the PC or MAC (MAC users will need to use Parallels)

For example: A 6 GoPro video gear with 10 takes is 60 files, you can be stitching this content in less that 10 minutes even if I had problems with using the GoPro remote, 360CamMan helps solve this for you!

Michael Kintner, CEO/Inventor at 360Heros Inc. is excited to share a solution to the missing link in 360 video workflow:  360CamMan™ File Manager software.  The program integrates SD card formatting with download, organization and analysis of camera files – taking the hassle out of workflow and allowing you to spend more time creating. Pop your SD cards into a reader and simultaneously format the cards and prep software for download. Following your shoot, the program identifies the camera holder/number of cameras and automatically sorts files into folders by take. It performs the composite shot analysis for you by providing a grid that identifies any extra or mismatched files. 360CamMan is an incredible time saver that fills a gaping hole in pulling camera file data details that is not included in other media packages. With the hard labor taken out of file management, producers can focus on exploring the limitless potential of the 360 video medium.

The program works with any number of cameras – 360Heros holders from 6 to unlimited amount of cameras, and any other multi-camera array.

Visit us at NAB at StudioXperience booth SU621, and Michael Kintner’s presentation on Monday, April 7th @ 11:20 AM Live and 4:30 PM. With the support of Intel, we will be presenting our new 3D 360 Video gear, 360 Aerial Orb, 360CamMan file manager software, along with our free 360 mobile players and Hosting Center.

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