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OLEAN, NEW YORK – Introducing the world’s first 3D fully spherical HD 360° by 180° video capture system using 12 GoPro® Hero3 or 3+ Black Cameras. The 3DH3Pro12 is designed to record and render any environment in complete pan-optical motion and three dimensions. Now anyone can produce next generation immersive imagery! Using the whole field of stereoscopic human vision, viewers are able to plunge into 3D 360° interactive video experiences.

The breakthrough 360Heros™ 12-camera snap-in holder forms a tight array of 6 pairs of GoPro® Hero3 or 3+ Black cameras. The video is processed using either side-by-side, over-under orientation or many other types of stereoscopic formats. With an output of 6K x 3K in fully spherical form, the imagery is projection quality is strikingly crisp when down sampled for online web and mobile 360 players.

For the Oculus Rift users, the 3DH3Pro12 will now allow everyone to create and enjoy their own 3D 360° video presentations using the world’s most versatile camera on the planet – the GoPro®.

360Heros™ currently has 8 different versions of 360Heros™ 360 Plug-n-Play™ holders, all constructed from a new aircraft grade flexible nylon and designed to capture HD 360° by 180° video on the most challenging shoots, from extreme environments to intimate spaces.

3DH3Pro12-Loaded-1024x768In recent months, 360Heros™ gear has filmed amazing underwater interactive video of sharks near a Micronesian reef, a documentary-style Mount Everest summit trek, the Webby Award winning Beck/Chris Milk interactive concert, and a range of large format display and online interactive projects . These projects were created for companies such as Under Armour®, Ford® and Visa®.

360Heros™ will be a proud exhibitor at the January 2014 CES show in Las Vegas along with 3D Systems® and Cubify®. Drop by to see our demos at booth #31424 to see the land, sea and air 360° video and 3D 360° video interactive presentations all created from start to finish utilizing Geo Magic’s® Alibre, 3D Systems® Cubix 3D Printers, and Quick Parts for manufacturing.

Below is a sample video slice using the Anaglyph: Red Cyan 3D View Mode in Full Equalrectangular mode before it is put into the 3D 360 Video Players. If you have your red and cyan glasses, click the image for full size and try it out!

Download Samples for Oculus Rift Below

Oculus Rift Viewer we use VRPlayer:

3D Adobe Plugin used:

New Template – Inside House

Demo 1: House 3 Over-Under-Image-6000×3000.jpg (Right click save as)
Demo 1: House 3 Side-By-Side-Image-6000×3000.jpg (Right click save as)
Demo 1: House 3 Red-Cyan-Image-6000×3000.jpg (Right click save as)

Demo 2: House 1 Sample Side-by-Side 4000×2000 (right click save as)
Demo 2: House 1 Sample Over-Under 4000×2000 (right click save as)

Demo 3: House 1 Sample Side-by-Side 1920×960 (right click save as)
Demo 3: House 1 Sample Red-Cyan 1920×960 (right click save as)

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