The 360Heros 360 Video/Photo gear is a 3D printed 360 Video Plug-n-Play camera holder.   The amazing little device allows you to use GoPro cameras to create full spherical 360 by 180 video and photos.  However it appears to be a plastic holder at first glance and the perception is it will break.  The special aircraft grade 3D printed flexible nylon from 3D Systems is stronger than you think!

So to better understand it strengths and abilities, I contacted Jamie Bowen a 25 year engineer working for Dresser Rand Industries to give me a non-biased Hero Bender tester that could automate and/or simulate the opening and closing of the 360Heros H3Pro7 camera holder over time.

After a few hours working on this at his home shop. Jamie stopped back the following day with the Hero Bender. After it was built, he started bending that evening and when he dropped it off the next morning it had over 45,000 pulls/bends. I then continued the count down for another 20,000 pulls before it finally broke.

This would mean that if a person is shooting with the 360Heros video/photo gear and put in the GoPro cameras at the beginning of each day then removed them at the end of each day, every day. It would take 32,500 days, or 89 years and 1 month before it would finally break.

Our second test was the Hero Strength test. How many pounds does it take before the 360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play video/photo holder can be pull apart? This is a great test if you think the gear will be put in high stress area such as an airplane or fast moving vehicle. So we pulled multiple 360Heros H3Pro7 gear in a variety of different directions and the results did vary from holder to holder. The pull break strength ranged from 89 to 117 pounds to pull apart the 360Heros H3Pro7 model.

To give you an example of 117 pounds, this is the typical weight of 14 gallons of water, three and a half cinderblocks, semi-truck tractor trailer tire or a two month old baby horse.

In the end the 360Heros patent pending 360 Plug-n-Play photo and video gear isn’t horsing around when it comes to durability and reliability.

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