Fox Studios, Hollywood – Experience 360 Degree Interactive Video in a music video with BECK and directed by Chris Milk.

Inventor Michael Kintner takes Multiple 360 Heros 360 Video cameras to Fox Studios Stage 14 in Hollywood to film the first time ever in music history the ability to watch and experience and entire 360 video and 360 sound experience right in your own home.

The 360 video was created using the 360 Heros video gear which was only part of this amazing 360 visual and musical sound experience. Chris Milk and his team of professionals @ Radical Media brought together engineers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, constructed an incredible team then built an amazing 360 degree virtual experience in record time! There were so many professionals that I can’t name them all, but please take the time to review the credits. And I, Michael Kintner hope that I will have the honor to work together with everyone again.

As for myself, “It was an experience that I will never forget!” said Michael Kintner. “It was a great honor and pleasure to work with the best of the best in creative minds, technology and hospitality @ Radical Media. I personally would like to thank Samantha Stor and the whole Radical Team for such an inspiring experience. I also would like to thank my team (Craig Adkins – The GoPro King, Zack Dougherty – Stitcher Madman and Thomas Hayden – The Ultimate Sales and Blogging Professional) you guys were great and a pleasure to have you part of the 360 Heroes team!

And finally, thank you Chris Milk and BECK for your support of 360 Heros and my team. Although it was long endless nights, it’s all part of the game and fun when delivering amazing immerse new technology! Thank you everyone for an adventure of a lifetime!”

Sincerely – Michael Kintner, Founder/Inventor of 360Heros

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