First Underwater 360 Video Scuba Pool Test

Olean, NY – YMCA – Our first under water scuba test using the patent pending 360 Heros Video Gear with our NEW patent pending Snap-On/Off Filter and Lens to convert under water FOV.

I know it still needs some work but I believe its now only a matter of time before it will be perfect. And I’m confident between the software and hardware tweaking it can only get better from here. Finally, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. (smile)

When I first tried this concept over several years ago, I never realized how drastically the FOV (Field of View) changes under water. Nor did I understand how to fix it, not to mention the surprise when I tried it for the first time and couldn’t figure out what happened. But with today’s technology, optics, equipment, software and tons of internet research and a really cool 3D printer, I guess anything is possible, especially if you put your mind to it. With the invent of 360 Heros Video gear and the our new Scuba snap-on filter and lens which is designed to fit the GoPro housing (Either Hero2 or Hero3) makes it possible to have an affordable solution at your finger tips to create 360 video underwater which has been my goal for many years, being a huge scuba fan.

What inspired my research in 360 video underwater was right after my first scuba production back in 2004 which took first place with the GWV Travel Magazine. After that my mission was to explore 360 video underwater with a goal to allow others a chance to take 360 video without costing an arm and a leg. I hope you enjoy what we have done thus far and please stay tuned because there is a lot more on the way!

Below are the specifications of this demo:

  • Video: Rectangular View 4,000 by 2,000 compressed to 1,400 x 700 at 29.97 FPS (Frames per Second) to allow play in the player.
  • Equipment: 360 Heros Video Gear, GoPro(tm) Hero 3 Black with Hero3 Housing, New Patent Pending Plug-n-Play Snap on Scuba Filters and Lens.
  • Software Video Stitcher: Kolor KAVA with an estimated CPU processing time of 4.5 Hours.
  • Original Footage: Qty 6 – MP4 Video Streams shot at 1280×960 at 100 FPS using Hero3 Black with ProTune Mode.
  • CPU: Intel Core(tm) i7-2600K CPU Clocked at 3.4 GHz running Windows 7 64-bit, 16 Gigs of RAM

To operate the 360 Video below, put your mouse inside, hold down on the left mouse button and enjoy looking a full 360 video view underwater. Use the icons in the lower right corner to enlarge the screen and change to different view points. The don’t forget to share this expereince with your facebook fans.

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