360 Heros at CES and on SyFy Network in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada – Michael Kintner founder of 360 Heros interviewed by SyFy TV Network at CES.  Inivited to be with 3D Systems in Las Vegas last week, Michael Kintner presents his 360 Heros video gear at 3D Systems because it’s built using the 3D Touch 3D Printer.  An amazing affordable piece of work that can be used for rapid prototyping!

Another really exciting part of CES with 3D Systems was 3D Systems took best in show from CNet TV .  Great job guys, you earned it!

Micheel Kintner founder of 360 Heros is interviewed by SyFy TV Network at CES in 3DSystems booth.
Micheel Kintner founder of 360 Heros is interviewed by SyFy TV Network at CES in 3DSystems booth.

While demonstrating how the 360 Heros video gear was created using the 3D Printers from 3D Systems, the SyFy network TV crew wanted to know how I related 3D Systems to the SyFy network.  My response was, “Just like in Star Trek, 3D Systems 3D printers now lets you have your very own affordable repilicator at your finger tips!”

Were we told this should be airing within the few weeks on the SyFy network channel.  And when it goes live we’ll send out another notice.

Its amazing how CES was loaded with so many high tech gadgets and fun toys and because there were so many how difficult it was to review them all.

So with the power of  360 Heros video gear we were able to give you a quick walk through tour of this amazing trade technology show.  (see below)

The 360 video below starts at 3D systems booth then tours CES to the GoPro’s booth.

While watching the video you an use the mouse to move all around within the 360 Heros Player.

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Below the 360 Video is also a You Tube view of the event in 360 mode.

360 Video Stitched via Autopano Video by Kolor and iPad App was using Kolor Eyes.

Below is the 360 Video via YouTube presenting the CES show as well.  Again, please don’t forget to help us grow and share with your Facebook friends.   Have a great day!

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