360Heros Photo Pumpkin created (Untouched)

Deluxe Series 1 – Using GoPro™ Hero2 –

This is a panorama created directly from  a video slice taken from the 360Heros Series 1 gear. There is no editing or retouching, so you can see exactly what would show in the video time slice.

360Heros gear is not just for filming 360 video, you can also take panoramic photos directly from the video slice or switch the mode  in the GoPro, snap a photo and get a 360 interactive panorama in one shot!

© 2011-2014 360Heros™ is a 360Heros Inc Company. GOPRO®, HERO® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. United States and other countries. 360Heros, Inc. is not an affiliate of GOPRO® or Woodman Labs, Inc. 360Heros is a very proud user of GOPRO® cameras! 360Heros creates 360° Video using GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 cameras. Check out our  Video gear, sign up for updates, and explore the 360° videos and 360° panoramic photos created with the different 360 Plug-n-Play Video Gear.


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