360 Bike Ride created by 360Heros (Untouched)

Deluxe Series 1 – Using GoPro™ Hero2 – This is a panorama created directly from a video slice taken from the 360Heros Series 1 gear.  There is no editing or retouching, so you can see exactly what would show in the video time slice.

360Heros is not just a 360 Video Rig it also takes panoramic photos directly from the video slice or switch the mode in the GoPro, snap a photo and get a 360 panoramic shot in  one shot!

Click here to see the 360 Video of the Bike Ride.

Click (Right Click File Save As)
(This  is a large download 1 GIG in Size.  Contain 360Heros original MP4 files, data for Video-Stitch, Kolor, 360 Photo Viewer, 360 Video Viewer and MP4 Output modes) (Enjoy!)

©2011-2014 360Heros™ is a 360Heros Inc Company. GOPRO®, HERO® are trademarksor registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries. 360Heros, Inc. is not an affiliate of GOPRO® or Woodman Labs, Inc. 360Heros is a very proud user of GOPRO® cameras! 360 Heros creates 360° Video using GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 cameras. Check out our gear, sign up for updates, and explore the 360° videos and 360° panoramic photos created with the different 360 Plug-n-Play Video Gear.

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