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Featured in 2015 Guinness Book of World Records

360Rize, in coordination with Everest Media Productions, was awarded with the world record for “the first fully spherical HD 360 video filmed on the summit of Mount Everest.”

360Rize Introduces the Game Changing 360Penguin to CES

The 360Penguin from 360Rize captures content with two 210-degree lenses, one on either side of the camera. The two lenses stitch together the images to create a single, spherical 360-degree image. It all happens in the camera without a single action from the user. Your 24 megapixel image or 4K/5.7K video is fully wrapped and ready for display.
360Rize 4th of july sale

360Rize 4th Of July Sale!

Sale Hotter Than A Firecracker Spring rain and sunshine has allowed the world to bloom magnificently! Everywhere you look, there’s an abundance of beauty that just begs to be documented! As we welcomed summer last week, 360Rize has decided to offer a sale that is sure to do just that! Starting immediately, customers can save

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360Rize Grand Canyon Feature

Experience Unbelievable 360 Footage Over The Grand Canyon!

Meet Our Newest 360 Producer! 360Rize continues to teach the greenest of 360 individuals! As we enjoy educating others about 360 content capture, we have had an opportunity to do so right here in Olean NY.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our latest customer. Additionally, we would like to show

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360Rize 360Penguin Fishing

Capture All Your Fishing Moments With The 360Rize 360Penguin

360 Hook, Line and Sinker! 360Rize has met many fishermen that love to document their experiences on the water. As an avid fisherman or outdoor enthusiast, you may find that the traditional action camera fails to capture the perfect shot. No matter how hard you try, the action is always just outside of your camera’s

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360Rize why 360 feature image

360 is easier than you think!

Don’t Worry,…Its Not That Scary 360Rize has, and always will be, excited to show the whole world how to capture stellar 360 content. For years, we have been credited as educators in this type of content capture. Since 2012, 360Rize started 360 footage collection. Using our own design of multi camera rigs, we took well

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