Holy 360 Ho Ho’s says Santa! $100 off and a Camera File Manager?

Between Now at December 25th, 2013 – Enter Coupon Code 2013SantaSpecial with your order of $400 or more off the 360Heros Plug-n-Player Holders and we’ll give you $100 off your order.  Click here to enter the store and start saving today!

Coming Soon in Dec 2013 - 360Heros Data File Manager lets you manage your Cameras Files in Minutes vs. Hours.
Coming Soon in Dec 2013 – 360Heros Data File Manager lets you manage your Cameras Files in Minutes vs. Hours.

“Holy 360 Ho Ho’s”, said Santa, on his visit to 360Heros office.  “I can’t believe what you guys are up to, from the latest software camera management to the new H3Pro10HD 360 Video and Photo gear that uses 10 GoPro Hero3 Cameras.  That’s amazing it takes 360 video at resolutions as high as 12,000 x 6,000 pixels.  Wow!   Oculus Rift customers must love this gear, and you Mr. Kintner!”

Santa then took me by surprise and told me he was thinking about putting it on his lead reindeer Rudolph and creating a Google Sleigh View.  “That’s incredible Santa, let me know if you need any help”, said Michael Kintner.

I’m sure if you keep Rudolph’s nose so bright, he’ll keep your Sleigh View in sight.

Then all the other reindeer, started laughing and saying, “How are you going to manage all those cameras and videos right?”

Then one foggy Christmas dream, Santa lets out a holy fright, how am I going to manage these 10 cameras and their files tonight?

360Heros with your video gear so bright, presented us with the new camera manager to guide us right.

Then all the other reindeer shouted out with glee, 360Heros, our hero in sight, we love your new file manager and video gear tonight.

Okay, so I’m not a good song writer, however I do wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday and enjoy the $100 off coupon! (Coupon Code: 2013SantaSpecial)  Our Christmas present to you.

Plus today we have announced the soon to be released 360Heros Camera File Manager.  As you can imagine, Santa now has to manage all the data from 10 cameras, and if he had 10 takes per camera, that’s 100 video files that must be organized so the files can be dropped into your favorite video stitcher.   The 360Heros Camera File Manager takes all the guess work out of downloading, copying and renaming the video and/or photo files.  After you plug in the cameras and/or micro SD cards, the program does the rest in minutes vs hours.  So instead of Santa’s project with 100 video files taking 45 minutes to an hour to process, it can now be done in a matter of minutes with data checks ensuring all of your files are matched up properly. The 360Heros Camera File Manager labels and checks each disk, warns you in advance if there are any problems, copies over the files via the Project Manager, renames each file so you know its camera source, and prepares everything so you’re ready to drag-n-drop your videos into the video stitcher.   Stay tuned this month for more details!


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